Header Template Issues



I have updated the header template in one of our event types. When I use the api to get the HTML for one of the events, it shows the correct value



This is the new text header

However, the contact page shows the wrong text. It appears to use a different header template each time I load the page. It is using old values for what I had set as the header template, instead of using the current template (“This is the new text header”)


Hi @fwcovisum,

Can you post a link to an example contact showing this behavior?


Here’s the contact I was using to test: https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/4257167/contact/11573/?interaction=note

I did notice a couple of hours later when I viewed the contact, it always used the correct template. It was only when I had just recently updated the template that it would sometimes use the old template. It seems like a caching issue almost, but it’s not on the browser side. I confirmed that by trying switching to a different browser which didn’t resolve it.


Hi @fwcovisum,

I see; thank you for sending that example along. If the template changes came through after a couple hours, then it’s likely a caching issue like you said. While we don’t aggressively cache event templates, a timeframe of a couple hours sounds reasonable for the changes to propagate through our CDN. If you notice longer caching times, or scenarios where the template doesn’t update at all, feel free to post in this topic again.