Help! Integration with MVF Lead Generation


Hi all,
I'm hoping someone can help me out.

We have a client whos using hubspot and we've just set them up for lead generation through MVF. We know this integration works as we've used it at a couple of previous companies.

MVF said they do the developer side of things, all the need is:
Formatting of the fields for customer info.
URL that the leads are posted to.

Does anyone know how I can source these?



Hi @Kieren_O_Connor, can you help me understand a few things before I advise further? Is MVF another CRM? You mentioned you'd set up this integration for a few other companies - is there any documentation out there about this integration between MVF and HubSpot, or is this a custom integration that's built out by MVF on a per-client basis?

As for your questions, the formatting will depend on the endpoint they elect to use. If the integration does not require having lead tracking (original source of a contact), then this endpoint can be used and the property format should be in JSON. They can also use the batch endpoint if they need to be creating multiple contacts.

If lead tacking is necessary, they can utilize the Forms API, in which case the data should be URL encoded.