Help needed for getting Contact info from Microsoft AppSource (from a non-developer)



First, a quick disclaimer: I'm not a developer, just the Admin for our company's Hubspot account tasked to get this integration issue sorted. So please bear with me if I ask really basic questions.

Our company released an app on Microsoft AppSource. There's a Contact Us pop-up form on the AppSource page which captures:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email
  • Job Title
  • Company
  • Country
  • Phone number

However, AppSource only integrates with MS CRM, Salesforce, and Marketo for leads, so we're unable to collect any Contact information from submissions.

When I contacted Microsoft, their team replied: "To work with Hubspot, your team needs to build a API / extends Hubspot that accepts json HTTP POST in this schema as attached."

When I contacted Hubspot support, I was asked to post in this forum....

So my two questions:

  1. What do I do with this schema? Is it possible for a person with little experience in coding to build a simple API for this issue?

  2. Otherwise, how should I brief a developer unfamiliar with Hubspot to get this done?

Thank you!!


Welcome, @Aly!

Happy to help.

First of all, I'm sorry if you've felt like you've been bounced around. Could you share the HubSpot support ticket number so I can close the loop with the team?

That said, I have a few clarifying questions:

  1. Did your company create this contact us form and publish it to AppSource for... your own use? I'm a little confused by the wording, as it almost sounds like your team built an app which is incompatible with your system.
  2. Is there more to the "schema" or is it just the six bullet point fields you listed?
  3. You wish to push that form submission data into your HubSpot account, correct?

Your answers to the questions above will help me point you in the right direction, but I will say that it is not possible for someone with little coding experience to create a connection from your AppSource form to HubSpot.

It is certainly possible to push form submissions into HubSpot via the Forms API, however this will require the assistance of a developer familiar with REST APIs.