Help! Newbie Webook on different port test error



I create an app in my developer’s portal and created a webhook subscription.

My app is set on a different port so I don’t know if that causes issues, but when i fire off a webhook via a workflow through a portal, this generally works.

For reference, my url is here:

I then granted my app access to an account in my portal via my main domain

following the instructions here:

Triggered a post request to get Oauth2.0 and the webhooks are firing on the app, however, they all seem to fail with the error:

Attempt ID 11128-3317350562-6
Status	Failure
Response	Uncategorized error

After that I’m a bit lost as I tried to fire a test via the developer’s portal to my webhook url:

and I just get an error:

Something went wrong.
Please try again later or contact support.

My app on the receiving end is a Rails app which I have created the :show and :create routes for the webhooks controller, and I don’t see any error messages in my logs.

Any help anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated.



Hi @dannio,

Can you direct message me your appId so that I can take a look?