Help on selecting properties to sync to our CRM


I'm the Marketing Manager looking to assist or guide our IT team in what default properties from HubSpot to sync with our existing CRM. Our existing CRM is where our sales team works from and won't be in HubSpot. I'm struggling with understanding if any of those Deal Properties need to be synced to our CRM if deals won't be set-up the same way as HubSpot suggests.
We are a 3rd party logistics company, so our revenue in each of our three departments has a very different structure. We are a transactional based revenue company so a "deal" wouldn't be the same as one shipment, since our customers have several over the course of a year or only a one-time transaction.
So looking for our IT team to sync enough information betweem our CRM and HubSpot to allow for some kind of conversion metric, but not sure what properties that means in order to track the conversion to customer rate close in the very least.
Our IT team doesn't seem to want to sync all of HubSpot's default properties for each of the three sections (Contacts, Companies, Deals). They've asked me to limit them to ones we need and will use, but without understanding how this system works, I am afraid I will remove properties crucial to us tracking our conversion rates. Any assistance, direction or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Nicole_Gordon,

The specific properties you'll need to sync depends heavily on what metrics you're tracking, but a good place to start is checking out the default contact/company/deal properties, listed in the articles below: