Help! Questions on the HubSpot Gravity Forms Integration


We desperately need a way to pass the source information from the HubSpot tracking cookie through with a From Submission via the HubSpot Forms API. Currently we’re using the Contact API, which doesn’t have access to the hutk & hs_context variables in the tracking cookie - but the Forms API does.

Our client has a WordPress site with Gravity Forms, and we’re looking at this integration:

Can someone please tell me if:

1.) This integration does indeed use the Forms API? (I’m pretty sure it does)
2.) Does it ALSO pass through the source information from the API?

Currently, and new contact we get just shows up as coming from “Offline Sources” - which makes it impossible to track where our leads are coming from. We need to be able to see what the source of the visit was (Organic, Direct, Social, Paid, etc.)



Hi @leinteractive,

That integration runs through Zapier, so you can choose which endpoint it hits so it certainly can use the Forms API. However to my knowledge the Zapier integration with the Submit Form trigger (which uses the Forms API) does not carry the hs_context through.

You could do something like the “Send to Third Party” example here: or you could replace the Gravity Forms with HubSpot forms depending on what those forms are doing.