Help Text on Forms not displaying on Landing Page


We have added Help Text in the Form set up but this does not show on the Landing page (background is white), help text on form is defaulting to white, although other text on Form is picking up the Style created in Forms>Style I cannot find where to adjust the Help Text Font colour?


Hey Nick,

Curious if you've reached out to HubSpot support regarding this issue? If not, in the future they should be able to handle this request and will get you your answer much quicker!

In the meantime, would you mind providing me with a link to the offending page? Generally, help text can be styled within the stylesheet by targeting the class ".hs-field-desc " and assigning it your desired color.


Hey Leif

Thanks for your reply.

Here's a link to the offending page;

I haven't yet tried Hubspot support, will make that my next port of call.

KR, Nick


Hi Nick,

It looks like you've implemented the suggested solution for this issue by making the necessary CSS change on line 1221 of this stylesheet: