Help Wanted: Sending Review request


HI Hope someone can help we are looking to link Hubspot to Proven Expert via API so that we can send a Review Request once a lead becomes a customer.

We have the API details from Proven Expert but have no knowledge of API can anyone point us in the right direction.

Many thanks in advance.


Welcome, @investingdirect!

I've modified the title of your topic so that other integrators may see your request.

I'm happy to answer questions about HubSpot's APIs and capabilities, however you will need to work with a developer or team familiar with REST APIs in order to connect ProvenExpert to your HubSpot account. (This isn't a project that should be handled solely on this forum.)

Besides the community members here, I can also recommend the certified agencies on the HubSpot Partner Directory. I've filtered the search results to only surface partners that specialize in building custom integrations for clients.

Please let me know if you have high level questions about integrating with HubSpot!


Hi Many thanks for getting back to me, do you have any documentation on how to add Proven Experts api so that we can send emails direct from hubspot that creates a unique url review links so that we can track.

Proven Expert offer this API Invite.

If you are sending confirmation emails upon completion of the service, you can create customised survey links using our program interface (API) and add them to your customer email or CRM system


This will be the link new customers will get via hubspot.



Hey, @investingdirect.

We don't have documentation specifically for connecting Proven Experts, but your developer's best bet in this case would be to generate the URL via PE's API and pass it to a given HubSpot contact record through the Contacts API. This is one of the endpoints your developer could use to populate a custom contact property (which would have to be created beforehand).

Once this value is in a custom contact property, you can use a personalization token in a HubSpot marketing email to populate it for each individual contact.


Hi Isaac many thanks for getting back is this something you could setup for us and what would the cost be.


Hi, @investingdirect.

I won't be able to build this integration for you, but I can point you in the right direction.

As a custom integration, I would advise against hiring a freelancer, as you may need ongoing support to keep the connection working. I recommend checking out our certified agency partners. I've filtered this search by partners who offer custom integration services and support.