Help with a permissions error?


Do you know what this error means? It happens during a scribe integration based on a contact list. Not all contacts get this error:

Error in calling Operation OptOut System.Exception: This oauth-token (...) does not have proper permissions! (requires any of [email-access])___


Hi @gspross,

That error means that the OAuth token is being used to authenticate a request to a resource that it doesn't allow access to. In this case, it seems like it's an email API. Can you give me some more details on the request being made?


Thanks Derek - scribe uses a contactlist as a data source to integrate the hubspot data into Dynamics CRM. Other records in that list do successfully process though.


What additional information do you need from me to help diagnose?


Hi @gspross,

Interesting; I wouldn't anticipate any mention of email-access if Scribe was attempting to work with the Contact Lists API. In order to dig deeper, I'd need to actually see the raw request being made to the HubSpot API, including the endpoint path, method, and body if applicable. It'd also be useful to have access to the access/refresh token if possible; if you're able to get this info, please direct message it to me since access/refresh tokens are extremely sensitive information.

You'll likely need to reach out to Scribe in order to get this info; I'd also recommend working with them to understand the issue from their side, since it's possible there's something going on that I can't see on my end.