Help with API calls - forms



I’ve been trying to retrieve different data from different Hubspot API calls. I have followed all of your documentation as well as the developer forum, but couldn’t find what i was exactly after, so i’d need your help please.

what i’m looking to get, i believe, will require an few API calls. I need to retrieve users and all of the forms the have filled, including the values of this forms.

My goal is to finally get something like:

User_id property_name value Your favorite color Dark Blue Your favorite city Barcelona Your favorite food Pizza

Any help?


Hi @saar1

There isn’t a way to get form submissions specifically, but you can get any custom properties you’d have in those forms when pulling all of your contacts, or when pulling lists of contacts.

You can add the property= parameter to the request URL to include that property in the response, so if you were getting all of your contacts, and you wanted the email address, and had a custom favorite_color property, you’re URL would be:


Tnx for getting back to me.
Now i’m making the following API call:<my_Token>

Why am i not getting the data of the list? I’m only getting high level data
but would like to get the actual contact and all the columns. How do i do


I mean, not only the contacts but all of the fields that are in this list