Hiding Cross-domain URL Parameters


When using Hubspot’s cross-domain tracking tools, the Hubspot js adds parameters to the outbound urls pointing to our sisters domains, so “http://mygreatsite.com” becomes “http://mygreatsite.com/?__hstc=83447049.326465d533411f54144f5ce93415e763.1510766210994.1511899870276.1511996024843.13&__hssc=83447049.1.1511996024843&__hsfp=4082824594”. I understand the function of these parameters, but have received a lot of push-back from others that seeing this unwieldy URL could be potentially off-putting to visitors.

Has anyone found a way to hide these parameters on hover and/or remove them once someone arrives at the destination URL?


We were able to write a small script that redirects incoming visitors with a “__htsc” in their URL to the base url. http://www.machinerylubrication.com/Scripts/urlFormatter.min.js


This script did not work for us, I tried to add the JS directly in the page we are having this issue but it did not clear link from these parameters, has anyone else found a solution?