Hitting API limit every night


We’re running into an issue where we’re reaching our 40K API call limit either before work even begins each day, or shortly after. We have several different integrations with Hubspot, i.e. CallRail, Shopify, Zapier, SAP, and other custom integrations and most use the API. We've disabled all integrations but continue to hit the limit nightly. Ideally there would be an API log on the Hubspot side for us to refer to and easily identify the culprit but Support can't provide us with it, or perhaps there isn't one.
Anyone else experience this issue? Any ideas how to troubleshoot further?


Hi @glepine,

Integrations like Zapier, Shopify, etc. will not impact your portal-specific daily API limit. These integrations all have their own limit; the daily portal-specific limit you're running into only affects custom integrations using your API key. I can take a look at your request traffic if you give me your Hub ID.


Thanks Derek for helping us figure this one out. Hub ID is 2526151.


Hi @glepine,

It looks like the majority of your request volume is coming from the /contacts/v1/contact/utk/:usertoken/profile endpoint. I'm seeing that there are often multiple requests being made to HubSpot for a single usertoken; you'd likely be able to significantly reduce your request volume if you cached the response you get for each usertoken.