Hitting Daily API Limit after Contact Import



Hello, I have recently configured HubSpot and imported 11k contacts from our database. I have an active integration with Mautic using their HubSpot plugin and it is reporting hitting the daily API limit. This happened right after the import and I believe it may be trying to sync all the contact data across but is not able to complete and keeps retrying.

Is it possible to temporarily raise the limit just to complete the sync? If that's not the issue maybe someone can take a look at the requests and provide some insight as to why I am exceeding the limit?

I have verified the limit is reached today using your API endpoint:
"status": "error",
"message": "You have reached your daily limit.",
"errorType": "RATE_LIMIT",
"correlationId": "715a4fca-497e-4108-af6c-919bb1cfb024",
"groupName": "publicapi:hapikey-tiered:basic:4250510",
"policyName": "DAILY",
"requestId": "15f40c3c560f211e37dabfbb196e055b"

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,



Are you doing your contacts 1 at a time and thus using 11K requests? IIRC you can do 100 contacts in a single API call and do your 11,000 in just 110 requests.


All contacts are imported now. However, I am still getting the limit reached error daily. I think I need help from someone at HubSpot to tell me what they are seeing in terms of requests on their end.


Hi @Alberto,

Can you give me your Hub ID so that I can take a closer look at your request traffic?


Hi @Derek_Gervais, here is my Hub ID: 4250510.

Thank you for looking into this.


Hi @Alberto,

From what I can see, the overwhelming majority of requests are being made to the 'Get recently updated contacts' endpoint. That endpoint is actually the single source of API request traffic to your portal. Do you have some process or job that requires constantly polling the recently updated contacts endpoint for updates?


Hi @Derek_Gervais, yes, I have a plugin for Mautic that pulls down any changes from Hubspot periodically so the contact details are in sync. This is triggered from a cron job I am running.

Can you tell me on average how many API requests a single call is consuming? I can then dial back the frequency on my end to not exceed Hubspot's API limits.


i am having the same problem.

did you guys come up with a solution?


@smitty, not yet. I'm still waiting for a reply from @Derek_Gervais to get some numbers so I can try dial back the number of requests on our end. I'm not quite sure why the limit is being exceeded so I need to get an idea of how many API requests are consumed each time the cron job runs.


@Alberto I have set my cron job to this run every 30 mins = 48 times in 24 hrs. The first time I ran this manually it did import almost 1000 contacts then it stopped.


All of my contacts have already been pulled down from HubSpot so now I don't expect many requests to be consumed. It should now only pull records that have been changed in Hubspot which should be well under the API limits. It's possible there's a bug in the Mautic plugin so I'd like to get to the bottom of this.


Hi @Alberto,

I'm not sure what you mean by a 'single call'; I'm seeing almost exactly 40,000 requests being made to the recently updated contacts endpoint almost every day. I'd recommend dialing back how frequently you're polling for updates pretty significantly; if you find that you're falling under the limits & would like updates to be more frequent, you can bump the frequency back up later.

Also as a side note; if you need to get real time updates on changes that happen to HubSpot objects, I'd recommend checking out the Webhooks API:


Hi @Derek_Gervais, got it. By a 'single call' I meant I have a cron job scheduled to make the Mautic API call to HubSpot to sync. I wasn't sure the correct interval so initially set to it every 5 minutes so I'll scale it back significantly to get it back under the limit.

Thank you for the Webhooks API reference, I'll take a look at that as well.


Hi Alberto,
I was also trying to get the incremental data from Hubspot after every 15 min. But it seems it gives never-ending records. Our requirement is to get all the contacts that are created/updated in every 15 min. Is there a way to fetch this? Would appreciate a quick response


Hi @Seema_Rana, we ended up backing off the update time to 30 minutes instead and that worked for us. As for getting the incremental data, it looks like the Webhooks API that Derek mentioned above is what you want.


Thanks Alberto as it is helpful. I have one more related query, is there an API in Hubspot which return only specific properties as the recently updated contact API result include any change to any of the property. But we want a resultset if there is any change in the property of our interest only.