Hot to use web hook GET data from other systems



We stored a login-status information of a contact in our own system, this status is mapped with Hubsport’s contact ids(e.g.: contact email, or vid etc.). We will use this status to determine some workflows in Hubspot.

Generally, our system will provide a GET url like this “/login-status?” , in this url has a prameter of id, the system will return the “login-status” according to the contact-id.

My question is how to pass the contact-id parameters to our system? As I found Hubspot reference document says “Webhooks set to the GET method will not send any data for the contact, it will simply hit the specified URL.” Should I use POST method? because Hubspot will post contact’s information in POST method. am I right?


Hi @leolztang,

Yes, you’ll want to use the POST method of the workflows webhook action. This will send the full contact data into your system, including the contact’s vid: