How can I access "Custom Modules" via api or ftp?



i try to find a way to get access to created “Custom Modules” via api or ftp. Is there a way to create/update/read the modules on an automatic way? I searched the api doc and ftp documentation but didn’t find any entry.



Hi @Mathias_Wegener

We don’t currently have an API for custom modules, so you’d need to create them in the HubSpot Design Manager.


Hi dadams,

i found out that the design manager used the rest api V4 to create new custom modules. Is there a documentation for the api V4 and/or a release date?
Reading works with ,
Listing of all with and
creating new with an post and data: {“name”:“nameOfCustomModule”,“fields”:[],“source”:""} works, too.

So maybe changing is already implemented?

Greetings, Mathias


Did you ever find out anything new here? I’m interested in the same thing.


Nope, We never get Feedback. We tried the in Account support and try some other communication channels, but without success.
We learned a lot of thinks about custom modules and get one clear solution:

Do not use Hubspot CMS. It’s broken and has a lot of flaws which stays in conflict with our requirements.

I tried to reverse engineer the v4 api, but its still under construction and your code can broke when they change there api specification.