How can I change HTML of a live website which is made of hubspot template?


Hi, I need to change some text on the website via html but whenever I clone templates HTML it shows me the template HTML not the current live pages HTML. Is there any way by which we can chnage some text via HTML and it get reflects to live page that we have made.

Thanks In Advance


Hi @Abhi, templates fundamentally give a framework to build pages from. Therefore, content usually isn't the same on the page as it is on the template. Further, page level edits take precedent over template edits, so if there are any changes to the page, editing the template's contents won't do anything.

That said, you likely do not need to edit the HTML to actually make changes to your content. Do you have a page you're editing that you can send over so I can take a look?


Yeah, this is the text which I want to change. When the page loads in mobile screen it shows such tabs which is really good but I dont know how to change the text of these tabs.


Got it! Just responded to your other thread so let's correspond over there!