How can I create a custom object or separate tab/section/app?


Hi - I am a newbie here, considering using Hubspot for our Real Estate practice. I need a custom objet where we would list all properties for lease, and their details in different fields (i.e. address, size, when it’s available, etc). I find it hard to believe that I can’t do this! My Hubspot demo person suggested editing the Deals tab, but what I really need is an entirely SEPARATE tab, which would then be linked to Contacts, Accounts, and Deals.

Is it possible to create a custom object in the Sales/CRM part of Hubspot? There has got to be a tool to do this.

Thank you!


@lisaz348 It is not possible at the moment to create a custom object in the HubSpot.


Is there any plan for Hubspot to support custom objects and workflows? We’d love to move off of but need this type of app development functionality. Its a huge opportunity for Hubspot and I’m sure you all are thinking about it but any indications of whether it is a future direction for the platform?


@michaelthebaum At the moment we are not working on custom objects. Do you mind expanding on what you mean by workflows? HS does offer a workflow tool but maybe it is a different tool under the same name?