How can i create and customize Application Page?


I created an APP from developer dashboard and successfully authenticate it with our system.

Our app will look like Eventbrite’s. I found that they have custom page on HubSpot ex;
I want to do it for our application;

I also want to create it for our application. How can we customize our HubSpot Application’s page?
In this page, I will integrate HubSpot with our system and thus, HubSpot users will reach our data into HubSpot CRM.

Moreover, Eventbrite has redirect_uri= on hubspot endpoint, How can i create our own callback function on HubSpot Domain ?

for ex;

We also want to create something like similar to this page.


@Erdi_Balcioglu These pages are for featured integrations only and are not open for anyone to create a page to post their integrations here. If you are interested in expanding your integration you can look into our connect program to get in touch with our developer integration community


Thank you for you detailed explanation.