How can I delete an event from the timeline?


Hello everyone

Recently, we started using the Timeline API with our custom integration, but we don’t have a way to remove an event from the Timeline using the ID that we send when we create the event.

We didn’t find anything on the documentation about this. It’s not possible at this moment?

Thank you


Hi @danielolarte

We don’t currently have a way to delete timeline events once they’re created . Can you tell me why you’re looking to delete an event? Events can be updated so if there is a problem with the data the event could be modified without removing and recreating it.


Hi @dadams

We have an internal process that is based on QA reviews that sends that to the timeline, if QA approves the item, the data goes to the timeline, but if for some reason in the QA, we need to reject the item, there is no way for us to remove the item on the timeline.



here’s why I’d like a DELETE function:

When building an app you want to add some test events. Well, what if we want to delete those test events later? Now our CRM data is stuck with this stuff we’d rather not have show in the final state.


Obviously it’s a good idea to provide a DELETE verb in REST API regarding custom events. It’s up to the developer to decide if he/she will use it or not… there’s so many possible use cases, including the one @Tim_Huang mentioned (junk test data)…


Hi @dadams,

Is there any news about implementation of “Delete timeline events” through the API? Can you please give us more details about when you expect to have this functionality.

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I totally agree with @franciscojun: the obvious case is discarding data created by error or by test. Any news?