How can I get a owner details by id



Hi Everyone,

As per the title suggests I want to fetch owner record by his id. However HubSpot does provide an API for Owners, but the API is returning all owners details. Can I filter out the results and get only one owner’s details? Looking forward for the response!



Hi @shilpasoni

Can you share more about why you’d need to get a single owner? In general we’d recommend pulling all of the owners, then caching that data and referencing that when going through individual contact, deal, or company records.


Hi @dadams,

Since one company is associated to one owner only in HubSpot, and after fetching company details I’m getting “hubspot_owner_id” and in order to attach this owner to the company at my end I need this owner details. What would I do with a list of owners if i only need the one that is associated to one particular company? Is this the only way to get a specific owner details i.e. pull the list of owners and then filter out the one by the “ownerid” I have?