How can i get user's dashboard through the api


Hi all,
I am new to hub spot and taking trial with free account that's why i am unable to access the paid services and in my dashboard the topics are coming as Team Activity, Sales Performance, Deal Forecast, Productivity. I am assuming that may be the dashboard vary by users(may be paid users have extra topics in their dashboard). My goal is to get the dashboard data of users contain all the topics as users have in their dashboard. I have checked the API overview page and i did not get any rest api to get the dashboard, may be i missed but if there is a way so please help me out.


nice question vsolanki but i don't think so you can get complete dashboard using api, there are two way you can do to get dashboard widget data that is get data as individually which API is available and another way is try to get dashboard using powerbi.


@Dharmendra_Goyal1 is right, i would like to suggest same thing.