How can I track if and when my users are logging in?


I’d like to know how often someone is logging in, when they make updates, etc. Activity Tracking by leveraging the HubSpot API if you will.



Hi @Gixxed_Spyder

This type of activity tracking is normally done using Enterprise Events and the Events API.


Thanks @dadams - that seems to apply towards Visitors (external users) of my website/company. I’m looking for Administration and Usage Activity of my Hubspot Administrators, managers, marketers (internal folks).


Ah, my mistake. We do have some productivity dashboards, and there is a list of recent changes on the Content > Website and Landing Pages dashboards, but there’s no overall log of logins or activities for a portal.


Is there any other method for keeping tabs on users? I think this is highly beneficial when we are trying to see how much work someone is actually doing in hubspot. I have someone that is doing contact/deal data cleanup and it would be nice to see how much this person completes in a given day.


Would be great is HubSpot didn’t just abandon a thread like this after someone asks if this is on the roadmap.


Additional use for this type of tool is to troubleshoot problems by looking at the log of activity, so you know when changes were made to forms, landing pages, tracking integrations, etc. When something breaks in lead conversion tracking and you have to figure out if the problem is in HubSpot, Adwords, Google Analytics, and other software, then a changelog or audit trail is very helpful.


Hi all,

There isn't currently any public API for tracking HubSpot user activity (logins, changes, etc.). Login information isn't available, but most changes are recorded in-app (property history, content revisions, etc.). If you have the inclination, I would encourage you all to check out the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community. There, you can create a post including your use case that product and other customers can see.