How can we come to know the Contact is sales qualified lead / Not from API


Could you please help me out I am facing an Issues,
1.In finding whether the Contact is sales qualified lead / Not from API.
2.Can we have any API to access lifecycle Changes?


Just to make sure, you are asking if you can get whether or not a contact is a qualified lead from the API?

Contact properties available are lifecyclestage as well as hs_lifecyclestage_salesqualifiedlead_date. I assume that one of the hs_lifecyclestage_ properties meet your needs. You can use those properties with a webhook subscription to send a payload for an API endpoint to consume each time they change.


dig through the result in this call<KEY>


hs_lifecyclestage_salesqualifiedlead_date is this property exist for all contacts or only for “Sales Qualified Lead”?


it’s on all contacts. It’s the date their lifecyclestage gets set to “sales qualified lead”. I’m pretty sure it’s null if it’s never set, so if you look for all contacts with that property, If a contact doesn’t have the property set, it won’t even show on the list.

Also, there is a lifecyclestage property, and you can just check there too for all contacts currently listed as “salesqualifiedlead”. That api endpoint I last posted will show you all properties available, and is pretty useful for finding out what properties you want to look for.


while am calling contacts API am getting only few properties , is there any possibility to get all Properties of every Contact when am calling Contacts API.


No. Documentation, as is, requires you to call each property. Append a &property=<prop_name> for each one you want.

use<KEY> to find the properties you want to specify.