How can we retrieve customer details, their webpages views and customer click events using hubspot developer API?



We need to record customer details like who visited our web pages and clicked any events. Is there any way to store there data using hubspot API? I understand we use tracking code to track these data but how do we retrieve those?


@rogerganga I would take a look at the Contacts API to push and pull that type of information


Thank you @pmanca!! I tried that out and it worked. I could get the contact details. But how can I get the data of what buttons he clicked in a web page? I can get the web page viewed details but I cannot able to retrieve the details further. Is there any specific API to get the clicked events? Thanks!!


@rogerganga in our enterprise package you could use our events tool to be able to track those type of web page activities. Do you know what level of HubSpot you have?


Hey @pmanca we’re Enterprise customers attempting to pull custom events similar to what @rogerganga is attempting. Roger, were you able to figure out which of the HubSpot REST API endpoints to call?

The Contacts endpoint just returns Contact records, is there an endpoint that returns events, custom or otherwise?


Hi @utmostGP,

You can export events from the enterprise events dashboard. This will give you the event types, total completions, contacts, and customers. Outside of that, it’s not currently possible to export all raw event data from HubSpot.