How do I delete one of my development accounts?


When I am logged in and I select my user, I see 5 different accounts under the “Your Accounts” section. If I select any of the accounts, I don’t see any way to delete them. How do I go about deleting my developer accounts that I no longer need?


Same question here - does anyone know?


Welcome, @ebrett!

At this time, it's not possible to delete a developer account from within the UI.

If you share the unwanted Hub IDs, though, I will be happy to deactivate them myself.


Thanks Isaac,

The Hub ID is 5129170.



Hi @ebrett,

Before I deactivate developer account 5129170, would you delete app 183803 here? Thank you!


Sure thing - another dev was testing it out - I've directed him to use the one I set up.

It is deleted.

While I have you around - is there any example code for setting up Hubspot Oauth with a rails app. I'm close, but it would be nice to see an existing solution.