How do I get the "additional details" of a failed Batch Update



When sending contacts to the “create or update batch” endpoint, we know that an entire batch will fail if just one contact in the batch has a bad email. But from the error in the batch, is it possible to detect which one it failed on?

In the docs it says:
When using this endpoint, please keep in mind that any errors with a single contact in your batch will prevent the entire batch from processing. If this happens, we’ll return a 400 response with additional details as to the cause" Would those details even say which email it choked on?

Where exactly are those “additional details”? Are they in the headers of the response? Or somewhere else?


Hi @tajulhuque

Any details about the error will be included in the body of the response.


Excellent, thanks. I do see the details in the body, and it does include the offending email – Superb. Thanks!