How do I get the avatar/logo of a contact/company?



What’s the quickest way to get the url of the avatar when fetching contacts and companies?

I don’t see it in any of the responses from test api calls.

Change company photo from API

Hi @clintonskakun

The avatar isn’t currently included in the API response, but it’s something that we’ll likely include in the future.


That’s good to know. Not a critical part of my integration but gets important to some extent. Anyways, got to work with what you got.

Thanks for the response


Hi @dadams,

Is this feature available now?


Hello HubSpot team,

Curious if adding support for a company/contact avatarUrl in the API is still on the roadmap? Would love to be able to access their logos. @dadams



Hi @Drew,

I’m not aware of any plans to add support for pulling an avatar’s profile image. If you have the inclination, I would encourage you to check out the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community. There, you can create a post including your use case that product and other customers can see.


Surely this can be added pretty easy. I'd imagine it's a small code change on Hubspot's side. My only alternative is to start scraping hubspot's pages and get the content that I need.

Also, @Derek_Gervais, while I appreciate your help on these developer forums, redirecting developers to the community forums is a bit condescending. That forum is for all hubspot users and there's no way general hubspot users will care about what's included in the API. I really wish more internal Hubspot developers were actually active on these forums because it seems like a lot of things that are needed for 3rd party integrations go largely ignored.


Hi @eric,

I appreciate the feedback. I definitely don't intend to condescend; I generally only redirect folks to the Ideas Forum because that's where we're trying to aggregate all feedback from all sources. Posting a suggestion here might be seen by more 3rd party devs, but the feedback that's posted to the Ideas Forum is actively monitored by the HubSpot product team, so it's a better place for popular ideas (API related or not) to be seen by folks here at HubSpot.


Hello, any update on this issue? It looks like API still does not allow to pull avatars.


I was thinking to maybe get the photo from the 'profile_url' but there you can also see all the data but no avatar:

Maybe you can make it possible to have the photo over there and then can scrap at least from there? It shouldn't be a big deal probably also to add just the link to the image URL into API.

Or is there an option to send avatar photo to HubSpot? My issue is that I need data in 2-3 places and don't need to be able to upload/update avatar in all places. So it could be an option to only upload avatar outside HubSpot and then it gets uploaded via API to HubSpot.


Hi all,

Avatar images still cannot be retrieved, set, or updated for contacts or companies through the APIs.

If you would like to see this functionality added, please upvote and comment on this feature request, following these best practices. If your use case is different than that idea, feel free to post a new request.

That said, HubSpot still tries to fill contact and company avatars from its proprietary database and via social media and other sites. Gravatars, for example, are often picked up for contacts while logos are picked up for companies. See this article for more information.


Hello Hubspot,
Is this feature available now?


Hi @Toladigit,


No, this feature is not yet available. Please upvote and comment on this feature request following these best practices.

I will not update this thread if/when this becomes a feature. Please follow the Ideas Forum thread.