How do I submit a form residing in HubSpot to an external form action?


I want to be able to submit a form created in a HubSpot landing page to my external website. This way I can collect the contact’s FirstName, LastName and Company and register this contact in my database through my external website. I could simply edit the “action” attribute of the form, but Hubspot doesn’t simply allow me to do it.


Hi, you can use the webhooks feature of Workflows to pass information from HubSpot to another web application. So you can create workflow with starting condition (form submitted) and add an action to trigger a webhook. Finally you can use webhooks payload to save data in you DB. Hope this helps…



Hi @fabianocovas,

@RajicA 's suggestion is probably the best way to do it. Regular HubSpot forms cannot submit to an external form action. The only way to do this would be to replace the HubSpot form with a custom HTML form, submit to your external action, then submit to HubSpot via the Forms API.


Hi @Derek_Gervais!
Thanks for the reply! The custom HTML form seems perfect!!!
How do I replace a HubSpot form in a landing page residing on HubSpot server with my own custom HTML form?


Hi @fabianocovas,

You can edit the template and replace the form module with a custom HTML module, then put the code for your form in the HTML module.


Can you please write step by step instructions... because GUI has changed...I can't find this...

Where to edit the template


Sure thing, @lewis4u.

To download the custom HTML module, take this link{your_hub_id}/products/hubspot/html, add your Hub ID where I've put {your_hub_id}, navigate to it, and click Get module for free.

To navigate into the design manager:

  1. Open the Marketing navigation menu.
  2. Hover over Files and Templates.
  3. Click Design Tools
  4. Locate or search for the desired template. You can also jump directly to a page, blog, or email's template by following these steps.
  5. Click the Form module you wish to replace so that it appears blue.
  6. Click the trash can icon to delete the Form module.
  7. Click the + Add button.
  8. Search "HTML".
  9. Drag the HTML module from the sidebar into your template, replacing the Form module.
  10. Click Publish changes.

I've recorded this screencast demonstrating steps 5-10.

If you have additional questions on minor edits to your template, please reach out to HubSpot support.


Great, thank you very much.