How do I test if a webhook really works?


I got my webhook subscription for contact creation set up but the test option sends ‘contactId’ 123 which does not exist.
Also when trying to post something to ‘…’ it doesn’t fire the webhook


@gizm0bill You could set up a request bin to test it out first.


I don’t need no requestbin, I just need to get the webhook triggered when I have a contact added, from the api for example… a thing that is not happening atm


The test option will send out a test contact so the “contactid” 123 sounds right to me. Do you have the trigger action set up properly? Did you turn the subscription to active?, it is inactive by default. Have you connected/installed it to your portal you want to listen to on? If you are having trouble getting the webhook set up correctly, you can contact support and they can walk you through it step by step. Here is a link to all the ways to contact our support team.


I have no idea how to connect it to a portal. I have a developer account, therefore I can only have test portals. Maybe I should add it to a workflow, but these workflows can’t be activated on trial accounts. Also I can’t ask anything from support, it shows me a login button… although I’m logged in


You have to oauth in to “install” the app into one of your portals, test or real. Here is our documentation for OAUTH.

You should also be able to see if it is installed anywhere on the dashboard in your dev account.