How do I treat Meetings Link like a Hubspot Form?



So here’s the deal: I want to simplify our “Book a Demo” process by replacing the classic inbound form on our Book a Demo landing page with a page featuring Hubspot’s Meetings feature (a la Here’s the issue: because the “form” in the Meetings link is not treated as a classic hubspot form (for reasons I don’t fully understand), it makes it very difficult to replicate the process with which we currently treat our inbound leads (team gets email notification of the Book a Demo form being filled out, the Book a Demo form triggers a Zapier notification integrated with Slack, lead who filled out “Book a Demo” form is categorized as an Inbound lead in Hubspot, etc). Also, the fact that this Meetings link is not a form in the normal sense makes it difficult to measure or generate a list of contacts who have filled out that form). I’ve explored leveraging the “Last Meeting Booked” or “Last Meeting Booked Source” as possible solutions but have yet to figure this out entirely. I shall not quit until I’ve figured this out, but I could use some help!