How do I trigger a Hubspot conversion via API?


We use a non-Hubspot website. When a conversion event happens on our website, we’re using Hubspot events to pass the contact data into Hubspot via the API. I’m getting that data just fine! However, when one of these conversions happen, it doesn’t trigger anything to populate fields like First Conversion, Recent Conversion, Number of Conversions, etc.

What do we need to do to make our API events count as conversions?


Hi @Ben_Martin

The conversion properties specifically refer to data from form submissions (there’s a full description of the default properties here).

If you’re working with events, we do have the Number of event completions property that would track the number of events the contact triggered.

Alternatively, if it makes sense to do so, you can use the Forms API to send the data to HubSpot as form submissions.