How do I upgrade Jquery version in HubSpot for the pages?


I have recently noticed in HubSpot that Jquery old version of code exists and when I audit report. I get jquery vulnerability and need to upgrade to a new version from 1.11.X to 3.3.3.

Kindly suggest how to get this problem solved with clear-cut steps and proceedings.
Preferably with screenshots.

Thank you!


Very hacky answer but this is the way others have suggested in the past,

Do a replace on the standard header includes in your template file:

{{ standard_header_includes|replace('<script src="/hs/hsstatic/jquery-libs/static-1.1/jquery/jquery-1.7.1.js"></script>','<script src=""></script>') }}


Hi LearnCab, here's a link that would help with your issue


Thanks for jumping in, @Matt_Scott and @Toladigit!

If you just need to upgrade to version 1.7.x, you can also follow these steps.