How do I use the API to get a pixel for inserting inside an email client?



I’m new to the Hubspot API, so forgive me if this is in the wrong category.

Basically I want to add the “Track email with HubSpot Sales” function that the Chrome plugin give you to 3rd party email clients. Specifically I want to do this for the Spark and Airmail email clients on Mac (and then expand out to other clients).

I found the email tracking, but it looks like that’s all for sending email through HubSpot.

Is it not possible to get a pixel from the API (is it even a pixel that they’re using)?

Thanks for the help!


If it’s not possible, that’s a welcome answer as well :slight_smile:


Hi @lukej

We don’t currently have a way to programmatically get the tracking for an email outside of the plugins. If you have other email clients that you’d like to see plugins built for, I’d recommend posting those to our Ideas forum:

If you have an Enterprise subscription, you manually create your own tracking pixels using the Events HTTP API:

That API returns a single pixel gif, so you could embed that in an email.


Thanks @dadams! I am disappointed to hear though as many people seem to want to be able to use other email clients and I was hoping to help them out with some plugins.



is there some sort of documentation how the email pixels are compiled? I.e. I assume they are just a GIF request with a parameter for the Hubspot ID of the user and something like the subject line?

This could enable for example pixel tracking in other email marketing services. What we often see is that Hubspot Sales is used by the sales team, but the marketing team operates their own email marketing infrastructure. And they don’t want to be migrated to Hubspot marketing, just so the sales team can view opens on newsletters. So if the pixel creation logic is documented, pixel tracking could be built probably by the marketing team itself and embedded as images. (i.e. this is an example URL builder we created for the Google Measurement protocol opening tracking:



I wonder if this has changed and what my colleague wanted can now be done or if we are at the same position?