How do I view the end user experience


We are working to define our integration. I’m looking for 3 items-

  1. Will Hubspot allow us to do what we are trying to do?
  2. Assistance defining the best locations for integration
  3. examples of other similar integrations to show my developers.



Hi Sorcd,

1.) If you sign up for a developer account at and then log in to the tool and go through the brief onboarding, you’ll see a nav option for “Test Portals”. If you click into this tool, you can create testing instances with HubSpot Marketing and CRM capabilities which will allow you to explore the end user experience. This, plus our API docs, should help you understand if HubSpot supports the use-case you are solving for.

2.), can you explain a little more about what you mean by locations for your integration? Some context on use-cases or more specifically what you are trying to understand would be helpful.

3.) You can check out for a listing of all our HubSpot Connect partner integrations. A few of these were built by HubSpot and can be enabled from within any test portals (see 1.) ) by clicking on the avatar in the top right, choosing “Integrations”, and following the steps for any of the items in the “HubSpot Integrations” section. Any of the integrations listed on which were not built by HubSpot can be enabled within the partner’s product.

Hope that helps!


Hi Comptly-

Thanks for the response. I managed to miss 1 & 3 in the tutorial. We provided a simple way for content creators to capture and recall snippets of content. Looking to integrate where ever they are creating in the hubspot platform. i.e. Idea generation for blogs, writing blogs… Sorc’d has build a google docs add on for users to sort, view, and insert snippets with links without leaving google docs. We would like to do the same with Hub. Here is a 1 minute overview of google docs. and a link to see our office integration

We have the API’s ready trying to figure out if its possible?


We don’t have APIs currently to inject a sidebar or host a library of text. The closest integration I can think of is PandaDoc, and they accomplish this sort of “in-context” experience via a Chrome Extension today.

We do hope to open up some APIs which give integrators more access to the content creation process and HubSpot UI, but we’re still pretty early days on it and it is likely to be a while before we support something like this level of UI embed.


Thanks for the quick follow up. Agree PandaDoc is a good analog. We will revisit down the road. Best,