How do you achieve blind form submissions using the forms API in V2?


I’d like to do the proxy jquery call - retrieve a users’s info based on their cookie - then - if their lead score is high enough - immediately ungate content and not display the form at all. Meaning - I’d like to streamline the user experience while still sending to hubspot what asset/information/video the user has consumed on the site. I can see how to submit form data - but I can’t see how to do it without the .form-target - which I don’t want to display in this scenario. Could I submit data off another target div and not display the form? or if I mark it do not display with CSS - will the form still fire and submit blind? and yeah - its Monday - and I’m still drinking coffee - so this might not be complete thought. but… I’d like to work out blind formsubmissions.


Hi @rmcdiarmid,

Just to make sure that we’re on the same page, are you looking to submit data to the forms API without actually submitting an HTML form? What data are you looking to push into HubSpot exactly? If the contact already exists (which is why you’re hiding the form) there are ways to associate data with them other than the forms API, like the tracking code API: