How do you get the history of the ticket?



Hi there! New to the forum so please be gentle. :sweat_smile:

Trying to grab the "activity" of a ticket as it flows through the pipeline. Notes get attached, statuses change...etc.

How do you do this with the API? I looked through the CRM properties and I don't see one to give history.


UPDATE: So I just stumbled across the "Get Ticket Changes" endpoint. Getting closer!

However, I still only see a bunch of objects. How do I see what actually changed IN those objects? Do I have to make additional API calls?

In Zendesk there is the concept of Ticket Audit


Welcome, @jmcqueen.

At this time, no public API truly allows for the retrieval of every activity and update that appears on an object's timeline (contact, company, deal, or ticket). The team is considering this kind of feature in the future, however.

In its current state, the Tickets API assumes integrators are storing historical values in their systems. In these circumstances, the Get a log of changes for tickets endpoint is polled periodically and the integration takes the changedProperties and queries this or this endpoint to retrieve the new values for those properties (as opposed to a single endpoint returning all historical values for a property every time).

Apologies for the inconvenience; I realize this isn't the exact solution you're looking for. I've made a note of your feedback as the team continues to iterate on the Tickets API.