How fix and customize AMP modules


I’d like to ask you a little question about the new AMP modules.
We tried to set our Google AMP from the content settings, but if we insert the logo above is strangely put on the left and the result is not really appealing. How can we personalize and improve it?
Also, another problem is the Call-to-Action, it looks shapeless in AMP mode, does anybody know how can we fix that?
Thanks everyone’s attention!

Kind regards, have a nice day!



The AMP modules are still in beta. So their might be a few hiccups. I will pass along your issues to the product team so they are aware of the issues you are having.


Thank you for the support, I wish there will be some development as soon for optimize them.
Can you kindly let me know under this post if they will be fixed, please?
Thank you so much!


Is there any way to edit the styles within