How get history of particular contact field values



My Website have one business enquiry form.
In this form sectors and sub-sectors are passing as hidden fields.This is just product enquiry form. No need for login(general form).

In hubspot contact Sectors of interest and Sub-sectors of interest are mutiple checkbox fields. Our issue is each time form submitting.Sectors of interest and Sub-sectors of interest are overwriting.

My screen shot shows sub-sector history

In this screenshot shows Food/Juice Kiosks modified(changed).

Our aim is both values (Cafes , Food/Juice Kiosks) how enabled under Sub-sectors of interest
Now shows Cafes only. but history shows all the values.

We already spoke with hub chat team they told this solved by previous history data. this history data pass to each submission. and they provide below links

My Question is today submitt one enquiry with corresponding sectors and sub-sectors. Then after 10 days
submitt other enquiry with different sectors and sub-sectors but email id is same. In this case how fetch previous data throgh api. Which parameter will be use?. Our aim contact left side under
Sub-sectors of interest all values (latest,previous ) enabled. How fetch prevoius filled sub-sectors and sectors values through api? Which parameters pass in api? Please advice me?


Jaison George


HI @jaisonanc,

If you're pulling the contact records via the 'Get contact by id' method of the Contacts API, you can include the &propertyMode=value_and_history parameter to include all previous values of the contact's properties:


Hi HubSpotter

Thanks, In my case how get vid (Visiotor ID) . ? If i get visitor id then i can follow the above link.



Hi @jaisonanc,

It depends; at what point do you know which contact you need to get the data for? If you have the contact's email address, you can pull the contact using a different endpoint; otherwise, you'd need to search for the contact:


Thanks HubSpotter.

got it.