How many blogs can an account support?


I’m trying to work out how many blogs I can run independantly on a single hubspot account (Marketing pro with Website Starter) but I cant seem to find a limits reference.

Basically I am looking to run completely seperate blogs on thing like

They need to be competely seperate blogs, not just pre-filtered on tags as nothing from SiteA should be visible on the B, C or D - whilst all are open for any one to look at the client has this as a requirement.

Can I just create multiple blogs in the content settings part? Or is there a limit per account? (I thought I’d read something of only 1 space for a blog, 1 space for a landing pages, 1 space for website spaces without upgrading to enterprise level)


Hi @aj_sexton,

You can create multiple blogs on different subdirectories; the limit you’re referring to is related to the number of subdomains you can connect. If you were hosting your blogs like this:

You would need an enterprise subscription to connect each subdomain. Doing it using subdirectories (your way) shouldn’t be an issue. The following Knowledge Base article has some more information on creating new blogs: