How to access the Products API to create products


Hey all,

Final update here; it turns out all of these issues are related to a single underlying issue related to the way test portal scoping functions. Right now, test portals do not automatically have access to Sales Pro, meaning they don't haven access to Products/Pipelines out-of-the-box. Apologies for the delay in identification here, there were a lot of red herrings.

That said, the team is working on a permanent fix now In the interim, I can give your test portals temporary access to Sales Pro in order to test these APIs. Each test portal will have 2 months of Sales Pro access, after which time it will expire. This should be enough time for everyone to test the relevant APIs while we continue to work on a longer term solution. I've already given access to the following portals:

  • 4009441
  • 4009439
  • 4483902

The following portals were included, but are not test portals, so I'm unable to give free Sales Pro access. For production portals, access to a particular API is contingent upon the portal having legitimate access to the tool. This means the following portals would need paid Sales Pro access in order to access the Products API. If the folks who own these portals can give me a test portal Hub ID, I can grant access to a test portal:

  • 62515
  • 168496
  • 3482954

If anyone else is working on an integration and needs access to test these Sales Pro - related APIs, feel free to comment with the Hub ID of your test portal. I'll continue to update this particular comment as I give access to test portals.


Hi Derek

Placing test portal ID request here for tracking purposes as discussed.

Test Portal ID: 4699217

Thank you!


Hey @Derek_Gervais,

Facing the same issue here. Actually all requests to Products, Tickets and Line Items API have the same issue.
Do you mind also adding this hubspot ID(4566744) of our test portal too? Thanks!

Must have scope DEAL_LINE_ITEM_READ

Can you please give access to this test portal 4828361?
Also is this a paid service?


Could you give our Development/Test portal access (4828507) to the Sale Pro API so we can create products using hapikey.
We do have sales pro on our production portal. Thanks!


Hi Derek ,

This is my test portal HubId : 4840861

Please grant access to this.




  1. Please give us an access for test account hub: 505489 (using OAuth)
  2. Is there a way to test if "Sales Pro" is available on the authorized portal? Will such authorization token include 'e-commerce' scope if we requested one as an optional_scope? For example, on dev portal (hub 505489) looks like we were granted the scope even though we can't still create products due to afore mentioned "Must have scope INBOUNDDB_PRODUCT_LIBRARY_WRITE" error --> should we be detecting availability differently?



Am also facing the same error while hitting product api. Please check and give me access to these ids
My hub id developer account is 4847568
My hub id test account is 4683808

Request URL:
"name": "name",
"value": "A new product"
"name": "description",
"value": "A description of this product."
"name": "price",
"value": "27.50"
"name": "recurringbillingfrequency",
"value": "quarterly"

"status": "error",
"message": "Must have scope INBOUNDDB_PRODUCT_LIBRARY_WRITE",
"correlationId": "6b6ecba8-293c-4302-9b8a-e92ae897ea30",
"requestId": "88073748cdf17bd2966ed380227ee2d3"


Hi all,

The following test portals have been given 60 days of access to Sales Pro. Owners of these portals should now be able to make requests to the Products API and any other Sales Pro specific API:

  • 4566744
  • 4828361
  • 4828507
  • 4840861

The following portal(s) were not given access, since they're not test portals. Owners of these portals that still need access should respond with the Hub ID of a test portal, created from the 'Testing' dashboard of their developer portals (see below):

  • 505489
  • 4683808


Hi Derek,

Kindly give access to this test portal

HubId: 4869545



Hi Derek,

Kindly give access to this test portal

HubId: 4869545



Hi Derek,

Kindly give access to this test portal

HubId: 3460327



Hi @joobi, @Dixon_Mathew, and @SimonH,

The following test portals have been given 60 days of access to Sales pro:

  • 4869545
  • 3460327


Thank you. @Derek_Gervais


thank you @Derek_Gervais


Hey @Derek_Gervais ,

Can you please add a sales pro trial to 4455895 test portal?

Thanks a lot!


Hi @mad,

I've granted test portal 4455895 60 days of access to Sales Pro.


Thank you @Isaac_Takushi!


@Isaac_Takushi @Derek_Gervais,

Could one of you kindly grant Sales Pro access to the following portal:




Hey @NickMontagu,

You should be good to go! I've just granted 60 days of Sales Pro access to test portal 4951394.