How to add a timeline event for a deal



i am sending the following JSON payload

“objectType”: “DEAL”,
“eventText”: “Example event DDD”,
“eventDesc”: “Registered for 6666”

using the call:

and getting the follwoing json back
“eventErrorEntityType”: “OBJECT_NOT_FOUND”,
“status”: “error”,
“message”: “Object not found vid : 217606893”,
“correlationId”: “6242e8ae-626e-48a6-b55b-f80160d6da16”,
“identifierName”: “vid”,
“identifierValue”: “217606893”,
“requestId”: “0bd02ba660e4360a7d708b33a09ec172”

what’s wrong here? didn’t see any documentation on how to create a timeline event on deal


Hi @Dileepa_Wijayanayake,

Was the event type you’re using created specifically for deals? Does a deal with dealId exist in your portal?


I’m having exactly same problem, the documentation is very confusing.

I created an event-type:
data = {
“name”:“NOVO BOLETO”,
“headerTemplate”:“BOLETO HEADER”,
“detailTemplate”:“DETAILS OF BOLETOS”,
“objectId”: “203495592”

everything ok,
Now I want to add the event in the timeline of the Deal

data = {

And i got this response:
“message”:“Object not found dealId : 203495592”,

What I did wrong?


I did get it working, by default all event types created are for “CONTACT”, there’s no UI to change it to DEAL, you have to do it using the API

so make a call to:{{event type id HERE}}

send this as the payload JSON
“objectType”: “DEAL”,
“applicationId”: 56851

I also entered an enhancement request on the forum for this, when you create a new event type, you can provide a name, but there should be a drop down to select contact, deal or company