How to add CRM Extension icon



How can I add icon to our CRM extension, in example in the way how it is shown here:

I'm talking about icons like that:

We have all icons configured for our app, but there is none visible:


Hey @gacek, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application in your portal? The current state might be cached, but I can't be sure. Can you try that first and see if that resolves it?


Yeah, I tried.
What I'm asking is how can I set up those icons for our extension - we have global icons set for our app, but I don't know how to configure the CRM extension to show one.

Those icons are configured:


Hey @gacek, this seems unexpected. I'm going to reach out internally and see if there was any change recently or if this is something else.


@Connor_Barley any progress on that matter?


Hi @gacek, I reached out to our developers internally. They're investigating, but it does seem to be a bug. I'll update you when I know more!


Any update on whether this app icon bug has been fixed?


Hey @sachinr, apologies here this topic definitely slipped through the cracks! My assumptions about that particular icon were wrong. The issue that the devs have fixed was the grayscale icons not saving which we fixed.

That said, a similar issue to your CRM extension issue was raised recently so I can confirm now that the icon should be there and it is not, so it is indeed a bug, and a member of our team is now actively working on it. Again, sorry about this issue slipping through the cracks, but our dev team is looking now!


Hi @sachinr! Our team has pushed out a fix for this issue.


Wonderful! Just confirmed that it's now working for me - I do so our logo in the card footer. Thanks!