How to add page to translation group of master


Hi all,

I understand there is no translation API for Pages. But is there a "manual" way to add a document to a translation group?

As an example, I currently

  • cloned a master landing page
  • updated the clone with translations in a given language

This works and a cloned, translated document exists. But is there any way to link the translated page back into the translation group of the master document via API?

Thank you


Hi @Steffen, there's not a way to link the pages via API like you're describing, but you'd need a button or link somewhere in the header or body to be able to switch between each translation, thus connecting them. Do you have access to Website Pages? If so, you might want to consider building out a website page with translations, as multi-language content and a built in language switcher is possible there. You'd still need to manually translate, but you'd have a built in switcher that shows conditionally based on if there's a translation "subpage" built out.