How to add the call activity timeline on ringcentral call end in hubspot



how to add the call activity timeline on ringcentral call end in hubspot

I tried but dont know how I can achieve below with this


When a call ends, Hubspot to show a activity update at the timeline of that contact. The activity update should have the call status (like answered, no answer etc), if the call was outbound or inbound (the contact called or our sales person called the contact), who from our Hubspot user did/received the call, how long the call lasted, and if there was a recording of the call in Ringcentral, we need to have a link to that record within that call activity


Hey Raman,

Thank you for your patience. It sounds to me like you're looking to post data to a contact timeline upon completion of a call in Ringcentral with information regarding the call. If this is the case, then you will definitely want to use the HubSpot engagements API. Specifically, the Create Engagement API.

Make sure that in your POST body you set the "type" to "CALL". Within the metadata section of your POST body, you will be able to include information regarding call status, duration of call, etc.

This is an example POST body that I used:

    "engagement": {
        "active": true,
        "type": "CALL",
        "timestamp": 1547069932311
    "associations": {
        "contac": [115851]
    "metadata": {
      "toNumber" : "5618769964",
    "fromNumber" : "(857) 829-5489",
    "status" : "COMPLETED",
    "durationMilliseconds" : 38000,
    "body" : ""


but how I will set this automate once the call end from ringcenteral in hubspot ? I means to say once the ringcenteral call ended it should automatically store the call activity for that contact how i can do that ? how I will call the engagement api ?


Hey Raman,

I can't speak to that part of your integration-- you will need to work with ringcentral to determine that part but as far as the HubSpot part goes-- you will ultimately be using the API listed above.