How to add up two menus in mobile version?


I have two menus in my header. And currently, in the mobile version, the simple menu only list my MENU 2. I wonder how can I add up the two menus or at least change it to display MENU 1.



Hi @Cheli_Zhao,

Can you link to the page where you’re seeing this?


Sorry for the late reply.
Here it is.


Hi @Cheli_Zhao,

It might be easiest to combine those two menus into a single menu. That would allow the existing menu Javascript to function with all of your menu options. Otherwise, you’ll need to customize the existing mobile menu Javascript to target multiple menus.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

We prefer to have separate menus. Could you tell me where to edit the javascript?


Hi @Cheli_Zhao,

Presumably it’s in a file that’s included in your global footer (this is fairly standard in HubSpot templates). I’d navigate to the design manager and edit the global footer for the page you’re referring to for the relevant Javascript file.