How to change the file path?



The blog has stopped showing background pictures help fix it.
I have already reviewed everything I can not figure out where to find it.
The fact is that when in the design panel on the tab preview everything works as it should in the console background-image: url ( service.png? t = 1513346587385);
But when you enter the address of the site in the browser, the pictures are not displayed, but in the console background-image: url ( );


Hi @Artem_Kolomoiets,

Just to make sure that we’re on the same page, do you have images that aren’t appearing properly on your site? Can you link to a page that you’re seeing this issue on?


Here is a link where you can see that the images are not displayed.
This is example:


Hi @Artem_Kolomoiets,

I’m not seeing any images failing to display. I’ve attached a screenshot of what I see when I navigate to below:


Hi, Derek!
Yes, yesterday i change url ( on (http://sdn…jpeg). Now images displayed, but avatar is failed. I got sourse code with hubspot example for showing avatar but dosn’t happend anythin. - to view.


Hi @Artem_Kolomoiets,

That’s the default image for a HubSpot blog author. If you’re looking to change the author image, you’ll need to edit the author’s profile: