How to collect all the property history for single contact through API



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Want to collect the historical data through API as same as

Currently I am getting only the last updated data through How i can collect historical data for the selected contact through API.

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Hi @gokulakrishnanks,

You should be getting all contact properties that have a value, and by including propertyMode=value_and_history you should be seeing the history for each of those contacts. Are you including a &property= parameter as well? Can you give me a link to the contact in your portal you're trying to get the history for?


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Thanks for the reply and i am not passing any Properties. I am Getting only for the particular contacts ...

Below the structure i am using to collect the details


Hi @gokulakrishnanks,

Are you replacing the demo hapikey with your own hapikey? Can you give me an example contact that has history you're not able to see with that request?


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Our business doesn't allow to share the details with anyone from outside the organization. So I have edited the URL with demo and posted.

We are getting the versions but not all only last modified


Hi @gokulakrishnanks,

If you're setting the &propertyMode= parameter to value_and_history, then you should be getting the full property history for each property. This might only be a single value if the property in questions hasn't been updated before. Without a concrete example, I'm not really able to dig much deeper into this. Feel free to DM me any details you don't want to share publicly.