How to connect a developer app with my sandbox environment?



We have a Production environment and a sandbox env. I created a developer app so that I can subscribe to webhooks API events for my contact object. Inside the app, I created a webhook subscription for my contact object.

My question is: how do I "connect" this app to my sandbox environment so I can first test the app subscription webhook in my sandbox env? Currently, when I go to my sandbox, and create a contact, I do not receive any events at all.

I appreciate your help.




Hi @hvo,

You'll need to 'install' your app to the test portal you're working in; you can follow the instructions in the article below to complete the OAuth flow and start receiving webhook notifications:


Hi @Derek_Gervais, thank you so much for your response. This is what I did but this is still not working for me:

Then I went on my site and added a contact. Result: no data is received on my Webhook URL.

Do you know what I am missing here? Do I need to authorize more than just contacts and forms? Do I need to subscribe more than just contact creation?

I truly appreciate your help.




Hi @hvo,

The installation process isn't 'finished' until the integration uses the code received from the authorization to request a refresh/access token. That step completes the auth flow and enables webhook subscriptions. After authorizing your portal, is your integration successfully requesting a refresh/access token?


Hi Derek,

No I didn't do this. I do not understand why I need a full OAuth 2 flow here. My reason: since I am not calling hubspot APIs (on the contrary, I need hubspot to call my webhook endpoint), then why do I need the access token for? Where would I use that access token anyway? I would need it if I use it to call into hubspot which again is not what I need to do.

I integrate with other systems like DocuSign, ChargeBee, Yodlee, and webhook APIs are a simple configuration process: 1) configure my endpoint URL, 2) configure my token or auth if needed for that endpoint, 3) set it and it's ready to go. I do not understand the whole app process here for hubspot.

I am sorry if I seem very confused, but I am indeed. Maybe I do not need this app thingy at all? Did I start down the wrong path with hubspot?

To clarify my use case: every time a contact is created in my portal (sanbox is and prod is, I want to receive a webhook api call with the payload of the newly created contact JSON. We currently have a workflow webhook that is configured to do this but we want to use the webhook API because the workflow webhook has delay that we cannot tolerate.

Thanks again,



Ahhh ok Derek. I went thru the access token flow, and yes I can get the webhook API call now. I still don't understand why but it's good that I get it ;).

And can I pls ask a related question: I saw that I need to subscribe to several different types to get info for one contact. In my form, I have first name, last name and email fields. So I need to subscribe to 4 events: contact creation, contact property change for first name, contact prop change for last name and contact prop change for email. The payload then has an array of these items. In the documentation, there is the section of NOTES on uniqueness, batching and order, and I am concerned with the batching. What if 100 users sign up at roughly the same time, would I get multiple payloads with the data spread out among those different payloads? What if payload 1 has 2 items for user 1 and payload 2 has the other 2 items for the same user 1? This would be a challenge in my use case to make sure that I get the necessary data. How can I make sure that I get all fields in each event payload?