How to connect new HubDB table with Contacts?



Hello, we would like to create a new HubDB table and then connect it with Contacts that we already have in the system (using HUTK or something). We will be sending questionnaire as part of a newsletter every month, and we would like to save every questionnaire data on submit (via Form API) - this will be saved into our new HubDB table - we will also have HUTK number at this point. So in the end the table would look something like this:

contact | q_points | q_answers | q_month  (columns)
hutk1   | 5        | abcde     | jan18    (rows)
hutk2   | 8        | aaaaa     | jan18
hutk1   | 14       | bbbbc     | feb18
hutk2   | 12       | aabca     | feb18

We would like to connect those questionnaire answers for each Contact, so that we can use this data in Contacts - for example see the data in Contact’s Activity tab.

Thank you for the answers!


Hi @Michal_w4,

Are you planning to display this data on a public webpage? If you’re not publicly displaying this data, then I wouldn’t recommend storing the submission data in a HubDB table - these tables are inherently publicly viewable (since they’re meant for public page content).

Instead, I would recommend an implementation that utilizes something like the HubSpot Timelines API. This way, you could collect form data, submit to your server, and then submit Timeline Events back to the HubSpot Contact. This way, you’re able to easily segment in Lists/Workflows/Lead Scoring on each submission event, and also see those events on the contact timeline. Check out the overview here: