How to convert field hs_analytics_source_data_2 to file name




We are currently pulling deals information using the API Deals and there is one field we are currently having issues with; we have a mismatch on the data shown on CRM vs API ( CRM shows a string value and API shows a code xxx-xxx-xxx-xxxx-xxx).

When I look into a deal using the CRM I find the field ‘Original Source 2’ has a string value (is meant to be the file name associated when uploading manually - i.e. ‘data from event’) which is exactly what we are looking for.The problem is that when we do calls via API (the mapped field is hs_analytics_source_data_2) the value of the field hs_analytics_source_data_2 is in the format i.e. 80c00747-7f80-459f-9xxx-819450baf9b3.

does any one know where the table values are so i can match them and convert them to the strings values? basically i want via api show the same values that i would find using the CRM.

I’ve tried looking into lists but lists have an internal id which is not matched with the value xxx-xxx-xxx-xx-xxxx.

thank you!

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